DCS 2020 programme

The programme for the 2020 Summit.

Putting digital at the heart of the built environment’s recovery
In association with Buildots

– Accelerating digital adoption as construction emerges from the covid-19 crisis
– Modernising the sector through digital and manufacturing technologies
– Promoting better information management and secure, resilient data-sharing
– The digital twin: emerging examples in the UK built environment 
– The role of the national digital twin and the ‘Gemini Principles’​


Mark Enzer, digital director, Centre for Digital Built Britain; leader of the National Digital Twin Programme; chief technology officer, Mott MacDonald
David Philp, impact director, Construction Innovation Hub; chair of the CIOB Digital Special Interest Group; global BIM/IM consultancy director, Aecom
Fiona Moore, information management consultant, Centre for Digital Built Britain
Aviv Leibovici, chief product officer and co-founder of Buildots

Common data environments and interoperability
In association with Egnyte 

– Using common data environments (CDEs) to help project teams improve collaboration
– How CDEs bring together digital models and critical information together in real-time
– Using common standards, designs and definitions to help project stakeholders work together
– Interoperability solutions to allow different design and file formats to be accessed across different platforms
– Accessibility in low bandwidth and working with large files in the cloud
– Key Cloud security: how safe is your data?
– IT costs: affordable or exorbitant?


Tim Johnson, director of product marketing, Egnyte
Carole Filion, senior product marketing manager for construction, Egnyte

The power of data and its potential for construction
In association with Atvero

– Challenges integrating disparate information sources
– Connected data environments
– Sharepoint and cloud-based data management
– A standards-based approach to information management (focusing on ISO 19650)
– Security and data structure


Dr Jennifer MacDonald, senior BIM consultant, PCSG
Andy Hudson, director, Chapman Taylor Architects
Liam Southwood, customer support and services director, Atvero
Michael Hudson, associate director, Turner & Townsend

Communicating digital solutions to site teams effectively
In association with PlanRadar

– Keeping all project stakeholders connected, from site to boardroom, on a single platform
– Breaking down silos across the built environment professions
– Using digital tools to establish consistent workflows and engage with the supply chain
– Making use of apps on smartphones and tablets to keep up to date with the latest project information
– The power of visualisation tools: enhancing the design; engaging with stakeholders; helping site workers check progress


Andrew Gamblen, digital manager, Willmott Dixon
Nick Marsh, country manager UK, PlanRadar
Anthony Shaw, aftercare manager, WRW Construction

The Building Safety Bill: digital’s role in the looming legislation
In association with i3pt

– Hackitt, the Government’s response, and the digital implications of the Building Safety Bill
– Impact of the new legislation on existing digital protocols
– Improving construction quality through tracking work digitally
– Surveying and modelling of existing buildings: use of laser scans and other digital tech
– The key data that constructors should provide to clients and FM operators


Neil Thompson, programme lead, Construction Innovation Hub, and director of digital construction, Atkins
Matthew Lewis, senior technical manager (fire projects), Clarion Housing Group
Vicki Reynolds, head of digital, i3PT Certification
Paul Nash, chair, CIOB Quality Commission

Improving health and safety management with digital tools and data

– The Health & Safety Executive perspective on using digital tools to improve construction safety.
– Challenges of organising complex and disorganised construction health and safety information.
– How 3D Repo’s integrated health and safety management tool, SafetiBase, works.
– Using SafetiBase to identify and mark up health and safety issues and potential hazards in 3D models.
– Improving management and structuring of health and safety data.
– Health and safety management using the BIM standard PAS 1192-6, in conjunction with SafetiBase.


Gordon Crick, health and safety inspector, Health & Safety Executive
Zane Ulhaq, digital engineering manager, Atkins
Bogdan Davydov, customer success manager and BIM specialist, 3D Repo
Dr William Collinge, programme director (construction project management) at MACE University of Manchester

Creating a ‘golden thread’ of digital documentation to improve project efficiency, safety and client relationship

– How this ‘golden thread’ could transform efficiency of major projects
– Increased transparency and its impact on client relationships
– Keeping projects on track during covid-19
– Case study: how Oculo helped Ringway Jacobs deliver a complex fire protection project
– Using the ‘streetview’ interface to record site progress, carry out inspections and drive collaboration
– How Oculo’s hard-hat cameras and AI can provide a ‘single source of truth’ on any site


Chris Goodacre, contract director, Ringway Jacobs
Wojtek Szymczak, co-founder and COO, Oculo
Trevor Hardy, principal engineering leader, Transport for London

Summit speakers 2020

Mark Enzer, digital director, Centre for Digital Built Britain; leader of the National Digital Twin Programme; chief technology officer, Mott MacDonald

Mark is a champion of innovation in the context of collaborative delivery models, including digital transformation, smart Infrastructure, low-carbon sustainable solutions, platform-based delivery and design for manufacture and assembly.

He is Mott MacDonald’s chief technical officer, chair of the Centre for Digital Built Britain’s Digital Framework Task Group and leads the National Digital Twin Programme.

Mark was the digital transformation workstream lead on Project 13 for the infrastructure client group, and the lead author of the Infrastructure Carbon Review, published by HM Treasury.

David Philp, impact director, Construction Innovation Hub; chair, Chartered Institute of Building Digital Special Interest Group; global BIM/IM consultancy director, Aecom

David is director of BIM for the EMEA and India regions at Aecom, as well as being part of the Construction Innovation Hub team. He is passionate about the potential of digital technologies and how they can bring added value to customers and unlock new ways of working throughout the entire life-cycle.

He has completed the Virtual Design and Construct course at Stanford University, California, is a professor at Glasgow Caledonian University and chairs the CIOB Digital Technologies and Asset Management Special Interest Group.

Aviv Leibovici, chief product officer and co-founder of Buildots

Aviv is co founder and CPO of Buildots, a company that uses an AI-based approach to solve the biggest challenges in construction management.

Aviv comes from a background of data-heavy cyber security systems and leads the company’s product development and the relationship with the UK construction industry.

Dr Jennifer MacDonald, senior BIM consultant, PCSG

Jennifer is an expert in digital technologies, collaborative teamwork practices and innovation in construction. She has worked in the UK and Australia to improve the performance of the industry through harnessing new technologies in an efficient, strategic manner, in both academia and industry.

She specialises in BIM, smart cities, digital engineering, emerging technologies in construction, and data and information management, and has worked with organisations including Transport for London and the Roads Liaison Group.

Andy Hudson, director, Chapman Taylor Architects

Andy Hudson joined Chapman Taylor in 2000, became a director in 2008 and relocated to the practice’s Shanghai studio in 2010, where he successfully contributed to the expansion and growth of the Chinese business. Returning to London in 2014, he now sits on the UK board. 

Andy is responsible for the group’s BIM/CAD and information management strategies and continuous improvement initiatives. With a wealth of international design experience and technical knowledge, he has delivered major retail and mixed-use developments in the UK, Eastern Europe and China.

Liam Southwood, customer support and services director, Atvero

Liam is a former modelmaker who went on to study architecture and started Nittygritty with Lee Briscoe in 2003. Since then, he has delivered a unique combination of IT enablement and BIM services for clients. A regular attendee of Autodesk University and speaker at BIM events around London, he is strategy director at Nittygritty and is a subject matter expert in BIM adoption, encompassing a wide range of digital technologies for successful projects.

Liam is also in charge of Atvero’s product management, engaging regularly with the technical group of the UK BIM alliance, making sure that the product is aligned with today’s industry needs and tomorrow’s information management ambitions.

Andrew Gamblen, digital manager, Willmott Dixon UK BIM Alliance Ambassador

Andrew has been a driver of Willmott Dixon’s digital construction strategy since joining the business five years ago. A structural engineer and designer by background, he is passionate about implementing new technology and helping site teams use digital tools to transform project delivery.

Andrew has been responsible for introducing augmented reality on Willmott Dixon sites and smartphone apps allowing site workers to check progress against 3D models. He also works for Sunesis, Willmott Dixon’s platforms-based, standardised school-building system. Andrew is a regular speaker at leading construction digital events and an ambassador for the UK BIM Alliance.

Anthony Shaw, aftercare manager, WRW Construction

Anthony is an experienced project manager now turned aftercare manager at WRW Construction. His project management expertise is enhanced by the time he spent as a tradesman and site manager, giving him unique insights into the needs of diverse site teams.

He is a vocal advocate for digital solutions on construction sites.

Nick Marsh, country manager UK, PlanRadar

Nick joined PlanRadar in 2019 to lead the expansion into the UK market. Over 15 years of experience working with large, high growth international organisations have enabled Nick and his team to connect PlanRadar to project and site managers right across the UK.

He has extensive experience in technology-centric businesses and is well-versed in the transformation of many industries to a digital future.

Neil Thompson, programme lead, Construction Innovation Hub, and director of digital construction, Atkins

Neil’s role at SNC Lavalin Group involves identifying and sharing digital innovation, creating new business opportunities and service lines, and encouraging cultural shift across the organisation. Using his background as a construction manager, engineer and economist, he is working to redefine business models, harness robotics and apply digitally driven engineering.

Neil is involved with several built environment digital groups, including the Construction Innovation Hub and Centre for Digital Built Britain, he has an MSc in Construction Economics and is an honorary researcher at the Bartlett, University College London.

Matthew Lewis, senior technical manager (fire projects), Clarion Housing Group

Matthew has been central to the digital strategy of the fire projects team at Clarion Housing Group, the UK’s largest housing association, in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Clarion, which manages 125,000 properties nationwide, decided to implement a robust and comprehensive 3D modelling and data management strategy for its housing stock, to help create the fire safety case reviews required by the Hackitt report.

Matthew has an excellent understanding of the asset information capture process, which has involved use of laser scanners on Clarion’s stock, creating 3D models, plus building and managing an asset database.

Vicki Reynolds, head of digital, i3PT Certification

Head of digital for i3PT and CertCentral, Vicki is responsible for digital strategy, product development and industry engagement. Previously she has worked in information management, BIM management and digital construction across a number of high-profile construction projects, collaborating with all types of stakeholder to deliver digital solutions, implement new technology, and upskill individuals and organisations.

She is an active member of the BIM and digital construction community both locally and globally, holding the roles of global vice chair for Women in BIM, and ambassador for the UK BIM Alliance. Most recently Vicki has been leading a research project for the CIOB and i3PT into industry capability and capacity to deliver a digital golden thread of information.

Paul Nash, chair, CIOB Quality Commission

A formerly Turner & Townsend director who now runs his own consultancy, Paul was president of the Chartered Institute of Building in 2016/17 and became chair of the CIOB Quality Commission which was set up in the wake of the Edinburgh schools collapse.

A member of the Industry Safety Steering Group, chaired by Dame Judith Hackitt, he has been a leading advocate of using digital technology to improve quality management in the built environment, before and since the Grenfell Tower fire, and authored the recently-published CIOB Construction Quality Code of Practice.

Paul has worked for some of the construction industry’s leading contractors and consultants, and has advised property owners, developers and funds in the UK and internationally. 

Gordon Crick, health and safety inspector, Health & Safety Executive

Gordon joined the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in 1992, after running his own small contractor business, as one of HM Inspectors of health and safety in Essex. 

Since 2004, he has been working in the construction sector and most recently has taken a lead for the HSE on embedding CDM 2015 in BIM and adoption of digital technology in design and construction. Gordon chairs the BIM 4 Health & Safety Working Group.

Bogdan Davydov, customer success manager and BIM specialist, 3D Repo

Bogdan has a background in architecture but he has worked with a variety of design and construction professionals on projects, using 3D modelling and other digital tools. His career includes spells with architect Sheppard Robson and engineer Buro Hapoold working on projects including the Wembley masterplan and Battersea Power Station.

With this experience, he has been a key member of 3D Repo’s team, working with clients on the implementation of SafetiBase. @3DRepo

Zane Ulhaq, digital engineering manager, Atkins

Zane is a contributor to many industry-wide digital initiatives, including the SafetiBase health and safety management tool. A data analyst, change consultant and chartered engineer by background, he has a passion for how data can provide insights to positively influence behaviours in the construction sector and society.

Zane has been part of the BIM 2050 group, buildingSMART UKI and Int, the Future Leaders Group within the Infrastructure Client Group, Approach Stream Delivery Lead for the National Digital Twin programme at the CDBB, as well as leading a team at Atkins on implementation of new technologies, processes and practices on projects.

Dr William Collinge, programme director (construction project management) and lecturer in project management at MACE University of Manchester

As well as designing and delivering courses at MACE, William is principal investigator on the BIM Health and Safety Risk Library project, working in association with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Thomas Ashton Institute.

This project aims to conceptualise, develop and prototype a new digital tool for the BIM environment to improve construction project health and safety design and delivery work.

Chris Goodacre, contract director, Ringway Jacobs

Chris has over 25 years of industry experience, delivering many complex infrastructure and building projects, primarily in the London region. His work in the capital was recognised by a Transport for London partnership award earlier this year and he has increasingly looked to embrace digital innovation to help project delivery.

Wojtek Szymczak, co-founder and COO, Oculo

Wojtek’s background is in management consulting, developing strategies and growth plans for FTSE250 companies, before he joined a healthcare technology business where he helped develop AI-based cancer detection software.

He then became co-founder of Oculo, which uses state of the art AI technology to enable remote collaboration on construction sites for all project stakeholders.

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